I’m Jessica, mom to five kids age ten and under, and I’m so excited you found your way to our community!

I started this page as a family travel resource, but I’ve grown to realize that for me, raising my own little explorers is all about shared experiences. I believe shared experiences create stronger families. Whether you’re sharing a walk around the neighborhood, an art project, family dinner, a stay-cation, or a trip abroad, I’ve seen that the experiences we share as a family create tighter bonds and a bedrock of memories.

I hope that Raising Explorers can encourage you to create shared experiences with your own families, and remind you that we’re all walking this shared experience of parenthood together. You’re not alone. You’re not failing. You’re not the only one drowning in laundry and tiny plastic toys.

So welcome. Stay for a while. I pray you find encouragement and inspiration here.

Reed's First Year