On control and quarantine.

This strange chapter we’re living through is one our kids will remember. When they’re grown, they’ll recall the time their schools and sports and lives were shut down. And while there is so much we can’t control right now, there’s also much we can.⁣

We can control the tone in our home. While we’re all going to get tired and cranky, we can lead our family with positivity and fun.⁣

We can control how much news and information our kids are exposed to. I’m a firm believer in telling kids the truth, but bombarding them with details is unnecessary.⁣

We can control how we frame our quarantine. Instead of approaching this virus only from a place of our own safety, we can use this moment to teach our kids about their responsibility to the greater good. We can explain how our own sacrifices are helping the whole country.⁣

We can focus on the good. We can express gratitude for extra time together, sunny days, music that’s perfect for dance parties, and family members to be quarantined with.⁣

When our kids look back on this chapter, they probably won’t remember how well we kept a schedule or how much screen time they had, but they likely will remember how they felt. Let’s make sure that their memories are ones of security, love, and family fun.

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