10 Reasons to Get to Disney World for Rope Drop!

10 Reasons Not to Miss Rope Drop at Disney World

When you’re on vacation you might dream of sleeping in, but if you’re at Walt Disney World don’t do it! Getting to the park by rope drop (i.e. the time the park opens) is crucial in having your best possible Disney day!

When we go for several days we might not make rope drop everyday, but we try especially hard to arrive early on Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios days.

Here are the 10 reasons our family tries our best to arrive for rope drop:

  1. You’re at Disney World, so there’s no reason to drag around in your room! Get up and get going!
  2. Kids are in their best moods in the morning! No one is hungry or tired yet, and good attitudes equal good memories.
  3. The lines are so much shorter first thing in the morning! You can hit up a sought after attraction or several less crowded ones before most people even get in the gate.
  4. By the time the crowds start to arrive, we’re ready for our first snack break of the day–perfect timing!
  5. Arriving early allows us to leave for an afternoon break without feeling like we’re missing too much.
  6. The morning temperatures can’t be beat! Florida can be HOT in the afternoon, but mornings on Main Street are almost always pleasant.
  7. Arriving early gives you an excuse to try some of the delicious breakfast options Walt Disney World parks have to offer…hello Gaston’s cinnamon roll!
  8. Seeing the parks with fewer people around is magical! The morning is your best chance to get a castle pic with fewer people in the background.
  9. Arriving for rope drop at Magic Kingdom means you get to see the stage show that only happens when the park opens!
  10. Your kids are not going to be asleep anyway! Sure they’re tired from the day before, but if you think they’ll sleep in when Big Thunder Mountain is waiting you’re crazy. Use that morning energy to your advantage!

While rest is important, arriving at rope drop can truly get your day started in the best way. Try balancing early days with later wake-up times to find the formula that works best for your family to ensure your most magical vacation yet!

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