Family Thanksgiving Activity


November 1st is just two days away, so today I’m prepping our family’s thankfulness activity. Every night of November, we will each write one thing we’re grateful for on a cut-out leaf and pin it to our bulletin board. There are lots of ways to practice thankfulness as a family, but we choose this way for a few reasons:⁣

🍁 We like to use a daily practice rather than a weekly one, as it seems to sink in more with the kids. Using November to truly dwell on gratefulness is a sweet annual practice and also a wonderful way to start the holiday season.⁣

🍁 There are lots of us, and lots of nights in November, which leads to LOTS of leaves. The bulletin board allows us to add as many leaves as we want!⁣

🍁 This format allows us to read the leaves easily, which I do many times throughout the month. We label each with the first initial of the person who said it, and I get so much joy from reliving some of the responses! We also keep the leaves in an envelope with the year on it at the end of the month.⁣

🍁 This gratitude practice is budget friendly! I had to replace the board this year (this one was $22 at Target), but the leaves are just construction paper and the pushpins can be used year after year. Once you have your board and pins, you’re set for years to come!⁣

I know I have shared this activity in the past, but it is so dear to our family (and so easy) that I can’t help but encourage others to adopt a similar practice. The moments around the dinner table sharing our gratitude are seriously some of the highlights of my year. From the funny (one year my 2-year-old said the same thing every night) to the surprisingly poignant, I love hearing what springs to my kids’ minds when they think of gratefulness.

Does your family have an annual gratefulness activity? If not, try one this year and see how it positively affects your family’s overall mood!

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