Star Wars Birthday Party!


What do you do when your son asks to take all his friends to Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios? You bring Jedi Training to your house!

For Shepherd’s fourth birthday, he wanted to have a full Jedi training course, complete with the chance for each child to fight Darth Vader. Andrew dressed as the Jedi trainer, and then we booked characters from a local company to come as Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper, and it was honestly INCREDIBLE! The kids learned a little sequence, then Darth Vader came out and they each got to spar with him. At the end, they sent him back inside using the force. So fun, so memorable, and such a special day!


  • The R2D2 cake and Star Wars cookies were really the showstoppers here. They were incredible!
  • We ordered a Darth Vader and Stormtrooper bucket and served some food in those, which was super cute.



  • We had a birthday board done, which was part of our tablescape.
  • The decorations for this party were minimal, but we did print cute favor tags and had a banner on the porch where the Jedi Training took place.
  • The favors for this party were cute little Star Wars art/activity boxes–all we had to do was tie on the tag!


  • Hello Jedi Training! Each kid got a Jedi robe and lightsaber, and they all really enjoyed this activity. We bought a smoke machine for the porch, which added to the fun atmosphere.
  • After the training, kids could meet and take pictures with the characters. We had a back drop for pictures, and the kids were really into it.


This was hands down the most fun party we’ve thrown! It was so unique and interactive, and kids got really into it. We made sure to not make it scary, and we would definitely recommend it for your next kids’ birthday!

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