Kids Concert Birthday Party


When our twins turned five, they wanted to have a local kids musician play at their party, so we decided to turn it into a little music festival. So. Much. Fun. Five-a-Roo was a huge hit with kids and adults alike, and I would highly recommend a music-themed party for young kids.


  • We kept it easy with a nugget tray, cookie cakes, and some other light snacks.
  • The decor behind the food table really set the stage for the whole party. We featured a blue and a pink dreamcatcher, then added some feather prints and bunting.
  • We also hired a snow cone truck, and EVERYONE loved getting their own frozen treat!


  • The main entertainment was the musician. He played for about 20-30 minutes, ending with Happy Birthday and the candles being blown out.
  • We also had tattoos for the kids and a space for them to pick out their own necklaces and headbands. We ordered the headbands, but we made the necklaces with components from the craft store.
  • After the concert, we put out a kids karaoke microphone, and several kids took turns singing their own songs, which was adorable.


  • The main decorations for this party were the wall behind the food plus some bunting on the front porch where the musician performed.
  • We made a directional sign, which turned out cute and added a little personalized flair to the party.
  • For favors, we gave each child a toy microphone–the kids loved them!

This party was fairly easy to put together, and it was definitely memorable. It was different in a good way, and our kids still talk about their music party!


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