The Altar of Busyness

Reed's First Year

Mom 1: “What do you have going on this weekend?”

Mom 2: “It’s going to be insane. We have three games, two parties, and we’re volunteering at church.”

Mom 1: “Oh, us too. We have family visiting, four games, a music lesson, a baby shower, and we’re digging for dinosaur bones Sunday.”

Does this sound familiar? What mom hasn’t been caught in one of these conversations? The kind where you’re both lamenting how busy you are, yet also somehow competing about who is the busiest? Be honest, we’ve all done it. We’ve all listed our commitments, trying to sound exasperated with our lack of free time but also feeling a little boastful of just how busy our family is.

Fellow moms, may I make a proposal? A suggestion that might free us all a bit? Let’s stop worshipping at the altar of busyness. Let’s blow out the candles, remove the crowns, and move past the concept that busyness is a goal for which we should strive.

We all have commitments. Some are unavoidable, some are voluntary, and many fall somewhere between the two. But let’s stop believing that commitments are gold medals meant to be collected as some sort of badge of honor.

Friends, some seasons of life are going to be busy. Super busy. There will be seasons when you need three different color-coded planners just to make sure you don’t forget a kid. But other seasons will bring calmer waters. Easier afternoons. More time for slow walks, board games after dinner, Saturdays with nothing on the docket. Let’s learn to bask in those slow seasons. Let’s learn to use them as a time of rest and rejuvenation for our families, knowing that busy seasons will inevitably return.

When our life gets less busy, let’s not try to fill all the holes. Instead, let’s leave room for spontaneity, for family dinners, for utter quiet. Let’s walk away from the altar of busyness, recognizing the disconnect it can so often bring, and let’s choose to embrace the slow when we can.


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