Daniel Tiger Trolley Party!


Believe it or not, we’ve actually had TWO trolley birthday parties in our family, and both were amazingly fun for the kids! The second was a Daniel Tiger Party for our 3-year-old, and that’s the one we’re featuring here.


  • This party was mid-morning, so we we had fruit, donuts and muffins, but we also had a HOT DOG CART! And, the hot dog guy came dressed as a hot dog–how fun is that?!?!
  • The cake was the main focal point of the party table, and it turned out adorable. We had a local baker decorate it and we purchased figurines and a trolley to place on the cake.


  • We kept everything super colorful and fun for this party! We used lots of fabric bunting in blue, red, yellow and green, which always looks great.
  • For the table backdrop, we printed Daniel Tiger characters and attached them to fan-style decorations.
  • We added Daniel Tiger hats and blowers, plus stickers, rings and candy for the favor. Super cute and easy!


  • Hello, trolley! The main activity at the party was trolley rides. The kids loved riding around the neighborhood and dancing on the trolley!
  • We also had a face painter for the kids who were awaiting their turn, and we brought a small playset into our front yard.


We highly recommend a trolley party, as kids of all ages think it’s fun to go for a ride. If your little one enjoys Daniel Tiger, this party theme might be a perfect fit!

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