Firetruck Birthday Party!

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What kid doesn’t love firetrucks?! With their universal appeal, firetrucks are the perfect theme for a preschool-aged party (or even older)! Here’s what we did to throw an incredible firetruck celebration:

Decorations and details:

  • We stuck with red, orange and yellow to mimic the colors of fire. These bright colors showed up really well in pictures!
  • Fireman straws and fire hydrant cups added to our overall look.
  • Fireman badges stuck to a cork board served as both a partial favor and a fun decoration.
  • Dalmations with fire hats wearing a “thank you” tag collar were the perfect favor for this party.
  • We used a picture of the birthday boy in his fireman dress-up gear to round out our table decor.



  • The cake was really the focal point of the food table. A local baker did an AMAZING job!
  • We didn’t worry about serving fire-themed food, but instead focused on food that kids would really eat.
  • A fire-hydrant shaped drink dispenser added an extra touch to the drink area!


  • Hello firetruck rides! A local company has a firetruck for rent, and they offered the kids rides, let them spray the hose, and let them operate the ladder. So fun!
  • The company also brought a fire dog bouncy house, which was fun for the kids while they waited for their turn on the firetruck.

This party was a huge hit for kids and parents alike! We loved this firetruck birthday, and might even recreate it for our youngest son.


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