When we asked Ellis what he wanted for his birthday, he immediately said camping in a camper. My first thought was gratefulness that he asked for an experience (don’t worry, he’s a normal 4-year-old and listed some toys too), but my second thought was that a camper weekend wasn’t really in our budget this month.

After a little research, though, we found an inexpensive room at an inn in Montgomery Bell State Park, so we named it the camping hotel and Ellis was sold! So far today they’ve jumped on the beds, fed ducks, picked out a stuffed animal to buy with birthday money, explored the property, swam, and ate a ring pop….pretty stellar day for the birthday boy.

Adventures with kids don’t have to be long and crazy and expensive. A little research and creativity can create the perfect memory for your little ones. I’ve said it a million times, but we all need to be reminded occasionally… kids don’t need everything to be fancy! Fancy is fun sometimes, but so is the state park inn!

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