Childcare Changes

Today I turned in a contract for my littlest guy to start mother’s day out in August. He’ll be over one, and he’ll only go two days a week, but I’m feeling some serious mom guilt. None of our other kids started until they were two, and I feel like I’m failing him a little bit.

In my former life I was an attorney, and I still work a little. As the big kids have gotten bigger and busier, finding time to squeeze in my work has gotten harder. That, plus the difficulty of finding a reliable sitter, made starting preschool seem like our best option.

Whether you work full time, work part time, work from home, or only work in your home, making childcare decisions is hard! Whether your child had to go to full time care from the time they were born or has never had a sitter a day in his life, I feel like we all second guess our choices. What childcare options have worked well for your family?

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