Olympics Time!


Are your kids loving the Olympics as much as mine? We’ve been watching new sports each day, which has been a great opportunity to talk about trying new things, practicing, and finding activities you love. The Olympics are also a great time to learn about other countries!

Below are a few free activities to get your kids in the Olympic spirit:

  • Olympic Torch: As seen in the photo above, you can easily make your own Olympic torch with a toilet paper or paper towel roll and some wrapping tissue. My kids are loving these, even putting on their own torch relays!
  • Olympic Word Search: This is great for elementary kids.
  • Olympic Design Coloring Book: You can use this printable to design your own mascot, medal, uniform and more!
  • Winter Olympics Matching Game: Here you match the word to the picture, so it’s great for young readers.
  • Mazes: We found a torch maze and a speed skater maze, both of which are perfect for the winter games!

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