squeezing out summer

pics for family week3
our visit to Cotton and Snow, Nashville, Tennessee

Guys. We are just ten days from Labor Day. Flip flops are being packed away, and boots are making their initial appearances. So as August draws to a close, it’s time to help our children squeeze the last bit of summer fun out of these next few weeks.

You may have had a summer bucket list. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the high temperatures and sunshine to do some major exploring with your littles. Or maybe summer was crazy for your family and you feel like it slipped away before you could even make it to the park. Either way, you still have time for some fun, classic summer adventures. Today we’re sharing ten ideas for some last minute summer exploration.

  1. Go get a snow cone! What kid (or adult) doesn’t love some finely-shaved, flavored ice? While some snow cone vendors may be open a little past Labor Day, many are seasonal and will be hibernating soon.
  2. Take one last (or one first) trip to the pool or water park. Most of these venues will be closing in just ten days, so get one more swim in with your kids. Pool toys are on major clearance at all stores right now, so maybe even pick up a new gadget to try out. Grab some new sinking rings and pretend you are pirates searching for lost treasure!
  3. Visit your local splash park or spray ground! Many local parks and recreation departments have opened these amazing places around the country, and they are ALWAYS a hit with kids. Most will be closing on Labor Day, though, so if you want to try one out you need to do it soon. If you have very little children, go during the week when most big kids will be at school if you can. It will be less crowded and intimidating, and thus far more fun!
  4. Cheer on your local baseball team. Most minor league teams have a few games left, and nothing says summer like an afternoon at the ball park (with ALL the concession stand treats, of course)!
  5. Shop at your local farmers’ market. Most markets are seasonal, so check to see when yours closes. Kids love the adventure of shopping in a market instead of a grocery store! You can even make a game of it, seeing who can find the most colors of fruits and vegetables!
  6. Catch fireflies one evening. My children have always been a bit scared of bugs, but these are great introductory critters! They fly relatively slowly and are easy to catch without squashing. They’ll disappear soon, so take your kids out one night in their pajamas for some old-fashioned lightning bug chasing!
  7. Do you live near a regional or small amusement park? If so, try to fit in one last visit! Many smaller parks are seasonal and will soon close or be operating at significantly reduced hours.
  8. Watch a movie outside! You may need bug spray, but there’s something magical about an outdoor viewing. Check for a nearby drive-in (which are hard to find), see if your local parks are screening anything, or just take a TV or projector into your own backyard.
  9. Grab dinner from a food truck. Buying from a food truck can be such an adventure that your child may even try a new food! Take a blanket, make a picnic, and make a fun summer memory.
  10. Try something new outside. The outdoors clearly won’t be closing at Labor Day, but as school picks up and sports begin, it’s harder to find time for a family outing. Try a new park, hike a new trail, visit a State Park you haven’t yet explored, go canoeing. The possibilities are truly endless!

pics for family week2

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