mermaid breakfast


Ever wanted to touch a mermaid’s fin? This morning our littles got to do just that, as well as hug them, take pictures with them, watch them swim, and listen to them talk about keeping our oceans clean. Friends, this was a huge hit for our kids, and I think it would be with almost all very young boys and girls, as well as with older elementary school girls (many of whom I saw in attendance).

The breakfast was at the Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ll be honest–it was not super cheap. It was, however, very well done, and we felt it was worth the price tag. When your family walked in, you met two mermaids and had a chance to hug them, grab pictures, ask questions, and even touch their fins (which felt thick and rubbery). Then we were shown to our table while one mermaid swam around in the large center tank around which the restaurant is positioned. Breakfast included a buffet of eggs, potatoes, pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, biscuits, pastries and fruit, and while the food was not exactly five-star worthy, it was quite tasty with plenty of variety.

For the main show, two mermaids were in the tank, and it included a portion where they “talked” about keeping the ocean clean and about what they enjoyed doing. Before the show, my sweet girl asked me if the mermaids were real. This is always a tough question, and I try to respond consistently with an “I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to see what we think.” Well, the talking convinced my whole crew that they were definitely real, and they found the show to be quite magical.

The mermaids were really great. We’ve been to shows where the characters were questionable, but these girls really sold it. They went to the surface about every 30-40 seconds to get oxygen, but while underwater they flipped, hugged, moved their mouths, smiled, waved, and never seemed phased by the crazy fish around them. If you were little, you really believed. If you weren’t little enough to believe, you were still impressed. I noticed girls as old as 10-12 shimmying around the tank for a better look!

If you want to check this out, go to the restaurant’s website. It looks like there is another breakfast in Nashville in October and one in Denver, Colorado in November. There are also Aquarium locations in Houston and Kemah, Texas.


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