A little about me.

1. I married the best guy in the whole world. We met towards the end of college, got married while I was in law school, and every year with him is better than the last.

2. I have four children who are the joy of my life. We had boy/girl twins first, then had a son 25 months later, then had another son 20 months after that. At one point we had four kids under four, which was admittedly a little crazy. Like so many other families, we fought hard to have our children and experienced deep sorrow along the way. Now, when I look in my rear-view mirror at a van full of kids, my heart is indescribably grateful.

3. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. While this is not a “Christian” blog, my faith shapes my views on parenting, justice, kindness, and so many other facets of life.

4. I have two dogs, a yorkie and a yorkie-poo, and I am still completely smitten with them. People said we would regret having two dogs once kids came along, that the dogs would become just dogs. They were very wrong.

5. My love for exploring started early. I remember whole days spent adventuring through the woods around my childhood home; an epic road trip with extended family from Tennessee to Niagara Falls; journeys to New York City then Europe with high school groups. I am so thankful that my parents worked hard to expose me to adventures beyond my small hometown that shaped how I see the world today.

6. In college I spent time in London, Italy, Belize and Beijing. Italy is, and will likely always be, my very favorite destination.

7. While my husband and I enjoyed quite a bit of travel before our kids came along, my favorite adventure with him was traveling through Italy the week after I graduated from law school. We hit Rome, Florence, Venice and Bellagio (Lake Como), and it was truly the trip of a lifetime.

8. As a rule, I don’t eat anything that has lived in or on the water. If you’re looking for a foodie blog, you’ve come to the wrong place.

9. My parenting style can best be described as trying to keep my kids safe, happy, and somewhat entertained and educated. I believe that as parents, we’re all just doing our best, and our best is almost always good enough. Our bests may look different, and we may make different choices, but if our kids are thriving the details are pretty unimportant.

10. I absolutely love throwing birthday parties. I love having people over, and any party is fun to plan, but birthday parties are my jam. I’ve been known to go a little over the top (think trolley rides, real fire trucks, snow cone trucks and costumed hot dog vendors), but I realize that the years when the kids will let me plan their parties are quickly dwindling, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

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